Carriage Announces Partnership with Funeral 365


March 1, 2023

(“Carriage or “Carriage Services”), a leading provider of funeral and cemetery services, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Funeral 365, to provide Carriage with a cloud-based management solution specifically designed for the funeral industry.

The solution, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, will be integrated into the operations of every Carriage business and provide a sustainable and proven ERP solution with over 3 million users. With a proven track record of being a secure and reliable cloud solution, it will be designed to streamline all aspects of Carriage’s operations including Funeral Home and Cemetery related functions.

“Our partnership with Funeral 365, is the driving force behind our Digital Transformation. Powered by Microsoft’s Dynamics Cloud Platform, Carriage Services will gain a competitive advantage within our industry for the foreseeable future.” said Rob Franch, Chief Information Officer of Carriage Services. “

The features and benefits of the management solution include a user-friendly interface, real-time information accessible on multi-devices, integrated finance and operations modules, automated processes, reduced errors, avoided double entry, higher efficiency for all resources, and robust planning features allowing proactivity.

“We are very excited about our recent partnership,” says Benoit Gagnon, CEO of Funeral 365. “We developed a funeral-tailored and secure cloud solution for innovative companies like Carriage to centralize and streamline their business processes.”

This partnership will bring best practices to the funeral industry and provide Carriage with the ability to improve the experience for families that their businesses serve.

About Carriage Services

Carriage Services (NYSE: CSV) is a leading provider of funeral and cemetery services and merchandise in the United States. Carriage operates 173 funeral homes in 26 states and 32 cemeteries in 11 states.

About Funeral 365

Funeral 365 is a cloud-based management solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed to achieve optimal accessibility and maximum security. A solution built to help simplify and streamline day-to-day business operations, improve efficiency levels, achieve growth objectives, and deliver the ultimate customer experience. Funeral 365 is with you, every step of the way.

Contact Information:

Carriage Services

Alfred White

Director of Marketing

Tel: (713) 332-8400



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