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What does the Funeral 365 software do?  

Funeral 365 is a unique all-in-one management solution designed to help funeral homes and cemeteries operate their business and enhance efficiency in finance, planning, and management. 

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How can Funeral 365 benefit my funeral home or cemetery?  

Funeral 365 simplifies tasks like  

  • contract management, 
  • scheduling,  
  • contract & product management 
  • Managing and tracking expenses and staff.  

We also offer lots of other benefits all guided by data-driven insights. They are:    

  • Improved efficiency,  
  • Reduction in errors, 
  • Improved family care.  
  • Faster administrative work,  
  • Business acceleration and  
  • Cost reduction,  

Here is a detailed overview of what Funeral 365 can do. 


Is Funeral 365 cloud-based?  

Yes, Funeral 365 is a secure cloud-based solution accessible from anywhere with an internet connection no matter where you are. It is built on the well-known Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform which, thanks to its reliability, user-friendliness, and adaptability, stands apart from all others. Funeral 365 can be used either on phone, tablet or PC. 

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Is Funeral 365 easy to use?  

Absolutely, Funeral 365 features an intuitive interface tailored for easy navigation and user convenience. 


Can Funeral 365 handle pre-need/at-need contracts and trusts?  

Yes, Funeral 365 efficiently manages pre-need and at-need contracts, trusts, retainage, interest, and all aspects of funeral or cemetery contracts. 


Which subscription level/plan of Funeral 365 will work for me? 

You can talk to one of our product experts and they will suggest what features and plans work best for your funeral home. For more info contact us. 


Can I watch some videos to get a better idea of the software? 

Sure, here is our YouTube channel where you can find many videos of what we do and how the software works. 


Customer & Technical Support


What kind of customer support does Funeral 365 offer?  

We provide dedicated customer support to meet the needs of your business. 


Does Funeral 365 offer support for multilingual and multi-currency services?  

Yes, Funeral 365 supports multiple languages, accommodating diverse communities and clients. 


How is technical/troubleshooting support provided for Funeral 365 users?  

Technical support for Funeral 365 users is offered via email, and phone, ensuring prompt assistance for any technical issues.



Can Funeral 365 integrate with other software used in my funeral home?  

Yes, depending on your specific business case. 


Can I access Funeral 365 on my mobile device?  

Yes, Funeral 365 is optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to manage your funeral home operations on the go using the internet. We recommend using a laptop or a bigger screen for better control and visibility. 


Does Funeral 365 offer integration with accounting software?  

 Funeral 365 is itself an accounting software (Microsoft Business Central).  


Does Funeral 365 offer integration with online payment gateways? 

Yes, Funeral 365 integrates with various online payment gateways, facilitating secure and convenient payment processing. 


Data Security and Privacy


How secure is the data stored in Funeral 365?  

Data security is a number one priority for us. We employ advanced encryption and security measures to safeguard your sensitive information. We implement secure access rights according to each user’s role. 


Can I import existing data into Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 allows the import of existing data, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption to your funeral home’s operations. We have a team of experts who will help to move the data without losing anything. 


How does Funeral 365 handle privacy and data protection compliance?  

Funeral 365 adheres to stringent privacy and data protection regulations, ensuring compliance with industry standards and legal requirements. 


Usage and Functionality


Is there a limit to the number of users in Funeral 365?  

Funeral 365 is scalable and can accommodate varying numbers of users, ensuring flexibility for funeral homes of all sizes. 


What types of reports can I generate using Funeral 365?  

Funeral 365 enables you to generate various reports, including financial summaries, customer records, and operational analytics, providing valuable insights for decision-making. There are other reports too according to your needs. 


Does Funeral 365 offer training for my staff?  

Of course, we provide comprehensive training sessions and resources to ensure your staff is proficient in using the software effectively. 


Are templates and documents customizable in Funeral 365?   

Yes, templates and documents can be customized as per your needs. 


Can Funeral 365 handle multiple funeral services simultaneously?  

Yes, Funeral 365 is designed to manage multiple funeral services concurrently, allowing for efficient scheduling and resource allocation. 


Can Funeral 365 help in managing cemetery records and contracts for pre-need and at-need?  

Yes, Funeral 365 offers tools to efficiently manage cemetery records, ensuring accurate and organized documentation. 

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Can I set up automatic notifications for upcoming services in Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 allows you to set up automatic notifications, ensuring timely reminders for upcoming services and tasks. 


Is there a limit to the number of contracts Funeral 365 can handle?  

No, Funeral 365 can handle an unlimited number of contracts, providing flexibility for funeral homes with varying workloads. 


Can I track the availability of staff members at Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 enables you to track staff availability, aiding in efficient scheduling and resource allocation. 


Is there a mobile app for Funeral 365 available for download?  

No, we still do not offer a mobile app, but we are working towards creating one for our clients. We will inform you once it is ready for launch. 


Can Funeral 365 help in managing inventory and supplies?  

Absolutely, Funeral 365 includes features for managing inventory and supplies, ensuring you have the necessary items for funeral services. 


Does Funeral 365 offer a client portal for families to access service details?  

Yes, Funeral 365 provides a client portal, allowing families to access and plan service details, arrange, and view vital information online. 

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Can Funeral 365 generate invoices and receipts for services rendered?  

Yes, Funeral 365 generates professional invoices and receipts, automating the billing process for your funeral home. 


Can I add custom fields to client profiles in Funeral 365?  

Certainly, Funeral 365 allows you to add custom fields to client profiles, tailoring the system to your specific requirements. 


Is it possible to track the progress of ongoing services in real-time using Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 provides real-time tracking of ongoing services, allowing you to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments as needed. 


Does F365 track the deceased from first call through internment? 

Funeral 365 has developed a strong chain of custody functionality that allows you to follow the deceased from the first call through internment. 


Can I access historical data and reports in Funeral 365?  

Certainly, Funeral 365 allows access to historical data and reports, providing valuable insights for business analysis and planning. You can build dashboards of important metrics you want to track. 


Can I customize the dashboard in Funeral 365 according to my preferences?  

Yes, Funeral 365 offers a customizable dashboard, allowing you to arrange widgets and features based on your preferences for quick access. 


Can I manage user access by role at Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 allows you to manage staff permissions and roles, ensuring secure access to sensitive information. 


Is there a limit to the number of client profiles Funeral 365 can manage?  

No, Funeral 365 can manage an unlimited number of client profiles, accommodating the needs of growing funeral homes and cemeteries. 


Can Funeral 365 help in managing memorial events and tributes?    

Yes, Funeral 365 can reserve rooms and plan resources for any kind of event. 


Can I track expenses and budgets in Funeral 365?  

Certainly, Funeral 365 includes expense tracking and budget management features, aiding in financial planning and analysis. 

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Does Funeral 365 offer a knowledge base or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for users?  

Yes, Funeral 365 provides a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQ section, offering valuable resources and solutions for common queries. We will share the link with you once you become our client. 


Can I schedule appointments and consultations using Funeral 365?  

Yes, Funeral 365 allows you to schedule appointments and consultations, enhancing client engagement and service planning. 


Does Funeral 365 offer a client feedback system?  

Yes, Funeral 365 includes a client feedback system, enabling you to gather valuable insights and improve the quality of your services. 


Can I automate follow-up emails and reminders with Funeral 365?  

Certainly, Funeral 365 offers automation features for follow-up emails and reminders, enhancing communication with clients. 


Pricing and Licensing


My funeral home is small. Will I be able to afford this software? 

We will inquire about your requirements to understand your needs thoroughly and suggest the essential features tailored specifically for you. 


Is Funeral 365 compliant with industry standards and regulations?  

Yes, Funeral 365 complies with industry standards and regulations, ensuring that your funeral home operates within legal and ethical frameworks. 


Upgrades and Updates 


How often does Funeral 365 receive updates?  

Funeral 365 receives regular updates to enhance functionality, security, and user experience. Updates are rolled out periodically to ensure optimal performance. We keep our customers posted whenever we add updates to the software. 


Is there an additional cost for software updates and support?  

No, software updates and standard customer support are included in the subscription package, with no extra cost. 



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